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Why Choose Us?

Our service design - Why it achieves the best outcomes

Our service design is all about reducing all retailer margins and achieving the lowest possible energy prices for our clients. This is detailed in the various points below.
If you’re a purchasing manager and running the process yourself, you know that entering  a new energy contract can be a minefield – especially if you only do it every few years.

We are totally independent

Energy Price Solutions is totally independent and transparent. We receive no income from and have no ties to any energy retailers.
Instead, we research the entire market on your behalf. Without bias.
We work on a simple ‘fee-for-service’ model. This approach allows for economies of scale because fees are simply added to the metering charges on your bills. (We then recover fees from the meter provider.)

No commissions – Why commissions cause conflicts of interest

Unlike some energy consultants, we do not accept commissions. We just get you the best possible price.
Commissions are added to the price you pay and create conflicts of interest:

  • The larger the load, the larger the commission.
  • The higher price, the higher the commission.
  • Long-term contracts may be used to lock in commissions for longer when market conditions indicate that it’s better to go short-term.

No reverse auctions – Why they don’t achieve the best results

Other consultants may tell you that a reverse auction will help you secure the lowest prices for your energy contract. We disagree.
Put simply, when a retailer knows what their competition is offering, they have no incentive to offer you their floor price.

No partial hedging – Why we see this as a flawed concept

We believe partial hedging is also a flawed contract model – another that we do not recommend.
Hedging parts of your load and then trying to fill the gaps later can potentially limit you to one retailer. And that retailer will know you are a captive purchaser.
This practice could also expose you to the volatility of the pool. Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) is one of the most volatile commodity markets in the world. There has been many occasions when the Spot market prices has gone from well under $100 to over $14,000/MWh in just five minutes).

We make it simple for you

With Energy Price Solutions, you no longer need to spend time getting your head around all the complex questions.
Is now the right time to enter into a new energy contract? If not, when? How do we know we are being offered the lowest market prices available? How exposed are we to market volatility? What is our optimal contract duration?
At Energy Price Solutions, we make it simple for you. With our guidance and expertise, you will be able to evaluate your options with clarity and confidence.

You retain control

We arm you with real facts and figures to help you evaluate your options objectively. You will be empowered to make an informed comparison – and take control over the final decision.

A responsive team to look after you

Energy Price Solutions has a strong client-focused culture and a highly skilled team of responsive professionals. We believe these attributes are just as important as having the right service design.
Our proven system of staff selection and training enables us to consistently deliver quality service at every step.

We access daily data – The many advantages of having data

Access to interval meter data takes the guesswork out of the retailer’s energy pricing process – your first step towards securing a low price.
Energy prices are load-shape specific. But with access to daily meter data, we are able to increase the ‘speed of business’ – and avoid the costly delays in waiting for data in a rising market.
We arm you with real facts and figures to help you evaluate your options objectively. You will be empowered to make an informed comparison – and take control over the final decision.