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Our History and Team

Our heritage dates back to January 2000 when Graeme Weller founded Market Intelligence Group. While our name has changed, our vision remains the same. We have a strong client-focussed culture and a highly skilled team of responsive professionals. Our proven system of staff selection and training enables us to consistently deliver quality service at every step.

Our skilled and experienced team has a proven track record of:

  • Sourcing the lowest possible energy prices since 2000. As an example, we recently found a 40 GWh pa user was paying almost $10,000 per week more than they needed to. This company had historically negotiated their own agreements. As a result, they were  $397,106 pa above the market compared to rates that we negotiated for clients with similar loads.In addition to this, they had several sites that would benefit from network tariff changes that amounted to savings of $99,385pa.
  • Collectively saving our clients millions of dollars on their negotiated contracts and changes to their electricity network tariffs.
  • Helping clients evaluate the effectiveness of various energy management systems.

Energy Price Solutions is totally independent, unbiased and cost-effective. The commodity prices that we negotiate are not loaded with fees or commissions, avoiding any conflicts of interest.
Our Values

Our company culture is based on generosity and is built around:

  • Keeping our clients’ interests at heart.
  • Having a focus of achieving excellence in what we do.
  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest and therefore not demanding or accepting any commission.
  • Acting with integrity and being totally transparent with our clients.

Quality Policy Statement

Energy Price Solutions’ core purpose is to assist clients to manage their energy risks, to save money on energy contracts and in doing so develop and maintain lasting business relationships. This is achieved by providing outstanding value and a quality service in accordance with client requirements through sourcing lower commodity prices and delivery costs while ensuring accurate retailer billing.

To achieve the above objective and satisfy our client expectations, the Company is totally committed to implementing, maintaining, continually improving and reviewing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through effective audits so as to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

The criteria of establishing Client Satisfaction results from:

  • Keeping the interests of our clients foremost in all of our dealings.
  • Our service design that allows for economies of scale and ensures the best possible outcomes.
  • Assisting our clients to manage their ongoing risks associated with a dynamic commodity market by having ongoing constant access to market data which contributes to the speed of business.
  • Providing next day data in energy efficiency reports to effectively monitor and manage our clients’ energy usage.
  • Keeping our clients fully informed and offering appropriate options to achieve cost effective outcomes.
  • Competent employees who are appropriately skilled and trained so that they can deliver an outstanding and reliable service that meets client requirements.
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of our service by doing what we say we will do in a timely fashion.
  • Availability of accurate documentation of client requirements.
  • Reviewing and controlling conformity of services to client requirements.

The successful operation of the system relies upon the co-operation and involvement of personnel at all levels, working together as a team. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of our company and the satisfaction of clients and staff.