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We help our clients secure considerable savings on energy agreements both now and in the future.


The Energy Price Solutions Point of Difference

  • EPS is independent and tenders to all licenced retailers.
  • We provide all relevant data to avoid any unnecessary risk margins.
  • Our unique tenders are designed to maximise retailer interest.
  • Once we have retailer interest we drive to the lowest possible prices with a Dutch auction.
  • The prices are not loaded up with commissions.
  • We constantly research the market and post information and prices on our website each business day.


You are always in control.

We empower you with:

  • An independent analysis of all offers and
  • Current market information.

You are then in a stronger position to make informed decisions, regarding:

  • The choice of retailer.
  • The length of contract, and
  • The start dates for future contracts to best manage your future risks.


The benefits of our service don’t stop once you have the lowest available contract price.

We provide:

  • Ongoing monthly account monitoring and budget reports.
  • Demand resets and annual tariff reviews for potential savings on your network costs.
  • The due diligence of an independent third party to ensure any retailer overcharging is corrected.


We charge a simple fee-for-service and avoid the conflicts associated with commissions.

All commissions in the large market are added into the rates.

  • The larger the load the bigger the commission.
  • The higher the price the higher the commission.
  • Long term contracts lock in commissions when there are times when you should go short.

We also let our clients keep all of the savings we generate by not having any shared savings agreements.

This has allowed us to develop long-term relationships without the need to lock our clients into binding relationship agreements with penalties to leave.

Once you use us, we are confident that you will want to continue to use us.