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Energy Management Services


Our mission is to reduce your total delivered cost per kWh, and with access to your daily meter data, we are able to offer you these valuable ongoing cost saving services:

Accurate monthly bills

How can you be sure your monthly energy bills are correct? Are you being overcharged? And if so, how do you get a credit? We are an independent third party to give you that peace of mind.

Energy Price Solutions runs monthly account validations on your behalf – using actual meter data. We follow-up overcharging and work hard to have your account credited quickly.

Lowest available network tariffs

Are you on the most cost-effective network tariff? There is no duty of care to ensure that you are.

Network tariffs are gazetted annually and there is no automatic process to ensure you are accessing the lowest cost tariff. So answering this question without the right information is not easy.

That’s why we run data based annual tariff reviews to ensure you are placed on the most cost-effective tariff available.

Current market trends

You will have access to up-to-date energy Market Information – including current hedging and spot prices – via our website.

Planning, budgeting and compliance support

Are your budgets in line with what you will be charged?

We provide monthly consumption and annual budget reports. These reports also provide verifiable data for NGER reporting.

Energy management

We provide tailored energy management reports specifically designed to meet our clients needs.

These reports can track the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures. They have proven to be instrumental in saving our clients money.

Power factor reporting

How do you determine if power factor correction equipment is going to save you money? We provide site specific payback analyses to assist with your decision.

How do you know if it is working effectively? This is part of our monthly ongoing reporting.

Roll-in and roll-out sites

Leave the issues of new connections behind you.

If your business is multi-sited, we can model future loads, arrange disconnections and project manage greenfield new connections on your behalf.

We can also help you roll sites in and out of contracts.

All this for a simple service fee on your monthly bill

Our service fee will appear on your existing electricity bill each month. No additional paperwork for you to bother with. It really is that simple!